It all starts with a little research and careful planning.

Ever heard the phrase 'fail to plan and plan to fail'? Well, digital marketing is no different. 

We like to take the time needed to better understand your business so that we can hatch a plan that actually works based on your individual business challenges, needs and goals.


1. Research

Firstly we like to have a quick chat over the phone or in person to get a feel for your business and the challenges you are currently facing. After our initial catch up we will send you a questionnaire which asks you a series of short questions about your business so that we can get a better feel for what digital tools we need to pull out of our digital toolbox. 

2. Recommendation

Once we understand your business we can start crafting a detailed plan which highlights the different strategies we will employ to achieve your business goals and objectives. We will outline which digital marketing tactics will provide your business with the most success. Perhaps a little website strategy and design is in need or maybe a new social strategy to help your business reach a new audience?

We will place this recommended strategy into a deck for you to approve and provide feedback on. 

3. Implementation

Once we are aligned and have your approval on an overarching plan and winning strategy we can then commence implementing the digital plan for you. Here we will start crafting digital assets for you such as social media posts, ad creative or even website design mocks to help you with your fresh new look. We will also seek permissions from you to gain access to platforms that we might need to use to help your business, such as social media account access and website platform access.

4. Monitoring

Once we have started implementing your campaign we will constantly monitor and optimise our activities to ensure we are getting the best possible results for you. We will look to enhance our approach each week based on campaign learnings so that we can continually improve our strategy and increase ROI for your business as time goes by. We will also provide you with a detailed monthly report to give you transparency on what worked and what didn't as well as recommendations for future activities.

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